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Donations will benefit neglected and abused Children and Teens who are seen by the Milwaukee Child Advocacy Center. For additional donations connect with us on the Contact Us tab.

#DWYDgives Vision

The #DoWhatYouDesire lifestyle brand is headed by Joshua Scarver. His purpose in doing this drive every year is to prove to himself and inspire others, that anyone can take an idea and make an effort to help their community in a positive way.

It is my dream to keep growing the #DWYD Toy & Book Drive to even greater successes and bringing more of the community and its businesses, organizations and leaders together to bring positive change to our city of Milwaukee and beyond. Anything and everything is possible.”

Joshua Scarver
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Helping Children
in Our Community.

The #DWYD Toy & Book drive benefits the Milwaukee Child Advocacy Center (MCAC) which is affiliated with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

a difference.

The donations collected provide comfort, distraction, and reassurance to victims of child abuse and neglect during a time of true crisis.

How can
YOU help?

Get involved and donate! These children rely heavily on the charity and kindness of others. No donation is too small.

About Us


#DWYDgives was created because I believe that changing the world starts with changing a single life and grows from there. The mission of #DWYDgives is twofold – to help and to inspire.

Together my wife Bekah and I organize an annual #DWYD Toy & Book Drive. The items go to children and teens who have been victims of abuse and neglect, and who sometimes feel forgotten. I was fortunate to have a mother who protected me from such dangers, but through friends and relatives who have had similar experiences I understand the lasting traumatic effects for these children. 

The second half of our mission is to inspire others to find their purpose and take action in their own way. #DWYDgives is not a non-profit; it is two people committed to making a difference with nothing but time, dedication and hard work. It began as a simple pajama party that collected 40 toys for donation from our social circle. Over the years, our network of community partners has grown to consist of over 20 businesses and organizations that believe in our purpose and help support us by being donation locations and donators. Our last drive was a three-month campaign that collected over 5000 items. In total, we have collected and distributed over 20,000 items.

If you also desire to see the world change for the better, we hope that you are inspired to Do What You Desire and take action, no matter how big or small.


This charity is about promoting child welfare for those who do not have say or control over what happens to them, and whose basic physical and emotional needs are not being met.  I reflect back on my childhood and how truly blessed I was to have parents who provided more than just life’s bare necessities. My husband and I never had the opportunity to have children, and there are so many children in need. Through this charity, we can give time, resources and effort in order to help brighten the lives of some of those children. I could not imagine what it would be like as a child to have everything you own fit in a single backpack, or to be lacking something as simple as a toothbrush and toothpaste. Donating basic supplies such as a fast food gift card to use when you and your friends just want to hang out allows a child or teen a moment of normalcy.  Donating a simple toy, book, backpack, sport ball or gift card provides comfort and reassurance to victims of child abuse and neglect.  How could you not want to help?  DWYD is about inspiring others.  DWYDgives is about helping our future!

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Joshua Scarver and #DWYD Brand Work to Collect Toys for Local Children Impacted by Abuse

Scarver uses the #DWYD (Do What You Desire) lifestyle brand to help reach children served by the Milwaukee Child Advocacy Center, affiliated with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. An organization that is not in the forefront of community’s attention due to many of the privacy barriers that keep donors from seeing who they are helping. MCAC is centered on bringing children and teens who are impacted by abuse and neglect to a safe place while investigating cases to help victims and their families. Nearly 3,500 children come through the doors of the Milwaukee Child Advocacy Center annually and they rely heavily on the charity and kindness of others. The donated items help provide comfort and reassurance to victims. Each child and teen that visits the center is offered a toy and a book to make a stressful day a bit more bearable for a child in an unfortunate situation.

It’s about raising awareness and motivating companies to get involved with helping the community

Joshua Scarver

Joshua and his wife, Bekah Lustig, are the driving force behind starting this project. 
“We are not a nonprofit organization, just two people on a mission to make a difference in the community” he said. Throughout the year they network with donation sites and create events such as gift wrapping books at Barnes and Noble for donations. The two of them spend countless hours dedicated to spreading awareness and connecting with everyday people. To find out how to help, email Joshua Scarver at or call him at 414-745-6233.

Take a look at some photographs from our past drives.

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It’s about raising awareness and motivating companies to get involved with helping the community.

Joshua Scarver

To find out how to help, use the contact form on this page. You can also email Joshua Scarver at or call him at 414-745-6233.